Short Bio:

CHRIS HAWKES is a native Texas singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He collaborates and performs with a community of musicians from his home in Austin, Texas

Hawkes is an expressive guitarist with a dynamic voice and meaningful lyrics.
"My favorite part of creating a song is open expression of something very personal and specific. Stepping back and thinking 'yeah...that...'s exactly what it feels like' "

Hawkes works tirelessly as a producer, writer, and independent musician, which he says creates an interesting blend. "I feel extremely blessed to have my music, my relationships and creative energy all intermingle. It gives me so much freedom to express and constantly challenges me to bring something to the table. I guess it's my job but it never feels like work."

Detailed bio:

Hawkes released his first solo acoustic album "Guitar and Voice" in 2007. It was featured on MTV's popular series The Hills and Animal Planet's reality show Jockeys. The placements sparked national exposure and he soon followed with a second independent album.

"Because I Feel That Way Too" combined his singer-songwriter compositions with a more developed rock full-band production. The Dallas Observer called it "earnest pop/rock that displays a keen songwriting touch" Three tracks from the album were included in AT&T smart phones and "Because I Feel That Way Too" received commercial and independent radio play on 165+ stations, spurring national touring for the album.

While touring in 2011, Hawkes released his third album, "Broken Record" One of the tracks, "Mystery" is a co-write with Danish artist Annemarie Jensen (a.k.a. Mary May Love) and was added to regular rotation on Denmark's popular radio station, P4. The album features both heart-breaking and heart-warming stories. "From Love (Momma Song)", a song about hope instilled in him as a child, is featured on Texas Music Magazine's 2012 Winter Mix.

Hawkes then began performing and co-writing with Austin singer-songwriter, Miranda Dawn. She released her debut acoustic album, "Reason To Feel Alive", with performance and production by Hawkes, in 2011. Dawn was recognized as a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk songwriting competition and performed with Hawkes at the festival in May 2012. While touring and writing together, Dawn and Hawkes recorded and released a collaborative album titled "Golden Heart" in June 2012 and embarked on promotional tours through the US, Denmark and Germany.


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